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Fujitsu LifeBook NH532 drivers for Windows 8 64-bit


Download Fujitsu LifeBook NH532 drivers for Windows 8 64-bit

Audio / Sound, Realtek
File Version : v6.0.1.6714
Driver File Size : 107 MB
Driver File Name : Audio_Realtek_v6.0.1.6714-DR12-1139_W8-32-64.exe

Display / VGA, Intel
File Version : v9.17.10.2843
Driver File Size : 148 MB
Driver File Name : VideoI_Intel_v9.17.10.2843-DR12-1106_W8-64.exe

Touchpad, Synaptics
File Version : v16.2.21.1
Driver File Size : 63.5 MB
Driver File Name : Mouse_Synaptics_v16.2.21.1-DR12-1334_W8-64.exe

MEI, Intel
File Version : v8.1L01
Driver File Size : 47 MB
Driver File Name : MEI_Intel7X_v8.1L01-DR12-0544_W8-W7-XP-32-64.exe

Media Slot, Realtek
File Version : v6.2.8400.30137a
Driver File Size : 17 MB
Driver File Name : MediaSlot_Realtek_v6.2.8400.30137a-DR12-0957_W8-W7-XP-32-64.exe

Bluetooth, Intel
File Version : v2.6.1209.0268
Driver File Size : 79 MB
Driver File Name : BluetoothI_Intel_v2.6.1209.0268-DR12-1116_W8-32-64.exe

LAN / Ethernet, Realtek
File Version : v8.002
Driver File Size : 5 MB
Driver File Name : LAN_Realtek_v8.002-DR12-1114_W8-64.exe

Wi-Fi / Wireless LAN, Intel
File Version : v15.5.4.45
Driver File Size : 151 MB
Driver File Name : WLANiBT_Intel_v15.5.4.45-DR12-1115_W8-32-64.exe

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